Multisports - Imagine Montesori School


Children have a fabulous “absorbing mind”, which allows them to acquire knowledge unconsciously and in an unlimited way.

Multi-Sports is an activity that promotes this quality of children but in this case at a motor level, respecting and understanding the basic forms of the child’s movement and the necessary tools for their sport initiation. The “prepared environment” will promote the child’s independence in the exploration and learning process.

Recognizing the evolutionary needs, and characteristics of each age, we will initiate the path of a variety of sports: athletics, gymnastics, soccer, dance, basketball, throwing sports and cooperative games.

This activity helps children to get the motor base and identify their sports preferences, reaffirms their character, their personal characteristics and allows a socialization from the field of movement. The variety of exercises will facilitate the learning of different skills and help muscle and motor development and balance, speed and agility.


To expose the child to different sports activities to help him/her become more versatile, flexible, multidimensional and, therefore, more capable for any sport the child decides to practice in the future.

  • Ages: 3-6 years old
  • Timetable: Tuesday from 16:30-17:30 (La Pinada) and Thursday from 17-18h (Valencia)
  • Needs: comfortable sportswear
  • Location: Imagine Montessori School Valencia and La Pinada
  • Price Internal-External: 38€/month – 45€/month