Mixed Sports Gymnastics - Imagine Montesori School

Mixed Sports Gymnastics

This activity combines acrobatic and gymnastic exercises of flexibility, balance and strength. It allows the individualized progress of each student within their group. Individual and group coordination is worked on through choreographies with different musical styles. Children will be able to participate in different exhibitions such as “La Mostra coreográfica de Valencia”.


Increases flexibility, balance and strength as well as individual and group coordination.


Paula from Let’s Dance Valencia school, founded by Ana Sanchís, trainer and National Aerobic Gymnastics Judge (both titles awarded by the Royal Spanish Gymnastics Federation).

  • Age groups: From 6-12 years old
  • Timetables: Monday 17:00h to 18:00h (La Pinada)
  • Needs: comfortable sportswear
  • Location: Imagine Montessori School La Pinada
  • Price Internal-External: 32€/month – 39€/month