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Our Education

Our pedagogical philosophy

We embrace the philosophy established by the Montessori Pedagogy, a form of education that is recognised around the world. Its aim is that every child will reach their full potential through an individually tailored education which responds to the needs and interests at each age level.

During the early years, the children are encouraged to explore their immediate surroundings using all their senses, movement, and the development of independence and responsibility.

Primary and secondary school children stand out for their critical thinking, analysis and problem solving, creative and entrepreneurial spirit, use of new technology as tools for learning, high level of English and for their commitment in human and democratic values.

What do we teach?

At Imagine Montessori School we offer our students a holistic education inspired by the principles of the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). We are a mixed, secular private school with two locations in Valencia and Paterna, with children aged between 20 months and 18 years of age.

We follow the curriculum and guidelines set out by the Department of Education and Skills of the United Kingdom, recognised by the Spanish Education Ministry.

Description of the Imagine Montessori School education programme

Our curriculum aims to support and develop children’s human tendencies (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually). To reach these objectives we offer a carefully designed environment. We know that children and teenagers learn best when they are encouraged to use all their senses and their physiological needs are met. We achieve this by ensuring the school and the materials used are specially arranged and selected to satisfy these requirements. We support our students to learn how different subjects are inter-related by discovering and applying them to their daily lives.

To do this, we emphasise the importance of developing a child’s autonomy, ability to deal with conflict, co-operation and self discipline (understood as the ability to regulate and modify ones behaviour). Therefore helping them to become strong independent people who will be confident in their own decision making. This will be done by using comprehension and critical analysis and not only by memorising information. This will allow them to demonstrate their learning skills which they will be able to apply throughout their lives, in the different social and cultural situations they will find themselves in.

Equivalence between educational levels

Certifications and associations


Through daily work and life in our school, they will build their cognitive, emotional and social abilities. Tools that will be essential as and when they step into the real world.


We invest in a practical education to awaken children’s innate natural curiosity, in which they will learn both theory and content while discovering their talents and interests.

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