Welcome - Imagine Montesori School


Welcome letter: Director and co-founder

It is an honour for me to welcome you to the Imagine Montessori School, a private secular college, which educates children from the ages of 20 months to 18 years of age. It employs the principles of the Montessori pedagogy in its methodology and philosophy within the British curriculum, and is accepted by the Spanish Ministry of Education.

Imagine began in Valencia in 2016 by 3 families who were looking for the best for their children and is made up of a team of professionals, each of them with their own areas of expertise, who are passionate about their work and share the same vision.

Talent, passion, hard work, and a commitment to improvement are characteristics that all members of our team share. We look for inspiring professionals who want to continually develop their talents and enrich our academic environment. Imagine currently boasts a community of more than 350 students and their families who are dedicated to the educational vision and values promoted by the school.

In our school, each child is valued by their fellow students and staff. They learn using a personalised lesson plan. Confidence, initiative and responsibility, are qualities that will allow them to realise their dreams and follow a path to become global citizens that contribute to the progress of society and a better future for all. Equally important to us is the idea that our teaching staff works together with the families to help their children become resilient, compassionate and confident. The best way to understand what makes Imagine so unique, is to visit our school. I welcome you to arrange a visit and experience our school environment, so we can demonstrate how it helps in the growth of our students.

I hope to see you and your family soon.

Best wishes,



Imagine is born from the desire to introduce an increased human dimension to education. Its focus is on the individual qualities of each child, to enhance their inner talents, to support them on their path to happiness so they can contribute in building a fair and tolerant society.

And this is why:

We opt for an education system focused on neuroscience combined with the Montessori methodology and the adopted British curriculum. Our aim is to develop the intellectual, social and emotional abilities of the children while adapting to their individual needs.

We nurture the potential of each child, helping our students become compassionate and responsible adults  as well as aid them in achieving their fullest academic potential.

We encourage a love for learning through curiosity, self motivation and self discipline that will drive a thirst for knowledge throughout life.

We practice our fundamental values on a daily basis: integrity, responsibility, compassion, respect, tolerance and equality.

We encourage imagination, wonder, humour and joy as important life qualities in our students.

We advocate models of sustainable development and lifestyle via social and environmental initiatives in our daily lives.

We foster a healthy lifestyle through nutrition, sport and social interaction, in and out of the school environment.

We support  the model of co-education, where the family and school work in unison for the benefit of the child.

We promote the continual improvement of the whole Imagine community (students, staff and families).

We inspire society via our educative  model and philosophy of life, working with institutions/organizations and events associated with raising awareness.

The founders

The founders are made up of three parents from Valencia with entrepreneurial and education experience. Between the three families we have six children in different planes of development; toddler to teenager, and we share a desire to equip them with an education that maximises their fullest potential and abilities using a different methodology than we experienced ourselves.

Iker Marcaide, Irene Cañero y Mariano Pontón