Our food philosophy - Imagine Montesori School

Our food philosophy

Nutritious food for our body, mind and soul

We offer three nutritious, non-processed, non-fried, low-in-salt and sugar-free meals every day (morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack).

As an extension of the Montessori philosophy and the care of our environment on a global scale, our school menu only uses organic, seasonal and 0km produce. Our meals are fully packed with vegetables and fruits. One day a week, we are all vegetarian and we strictly follow any special diet due to health (gluten free, any specific food allergy), or personal (vegetarian, vegan) reasons.    


Cooking with passion and dedication

Our meals are prepared on premise by our cooks Carmen P. and Carmen B. at Imagine La Pinada and Noelia at Imagine Valencia. Cooking is their passion; Carmen P.,  Carmen B. and Noelia cook with love and dedication with the goal of nourishing our children and staff members’ bodies and minds.