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Welcome to Imagine Montessori School; where every day, you are able to see the result of our educational approach in the smiles of the children, the warmth of the team and in the welcoming indoor and outdoor environments.

At Imagine Montessori School we believe in a child-centered education, which meets the individual needs and interests of the children and at the same time brings out their innate curiosity for learning. We believe children are the creators of their learning process, that they will develop skills for life and acquire in-depth knowledge.  We can aid them by providing them with a rich environment, full of experiences and resources as well as passionate professionals in education and the Montessori pedagogy. In this way, they become individuals capable of facing real life, making decisions and having a positive impact on society.

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Design and building philosophy

All the spaces in our schools have been designed as prepared environments that promote the learning and development of our students. The exterior and interior spaces are open plan. Every detail has been considered with an educational outlook while also ensuring the design is innovative and aesthetically pleasing. The environments that we have created allow for free and easy movement, awakening children’s curiosity and aiming to foster integration within our community.

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