Imagine Valencia - Imagine Montesori School

Imagine Valencia

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we have our own kitchen in which we make healthy meals with organic, seasonal and local products.

We have designed each area of the school with the concept of the prepared environment in mind, to stimulate and encourage the development of the children.

At this location the children are aged between 20 months and 6 years. All Imagine Valencia students automatically have a spot at Primary and Secondary at Imagine La Pinada.

A unique and friendly school in the heart of the city

The playground at our school has been designed to promote the exploration and development of gross motor skills, as well as to encourage socialisation. We have a sandbox and an area to play with water, as it is scientifically proven that preschool children learn through interacting with their environment and using their senses. The layout of the playground also help the children develop abilities such as:

Using the balance beam or walking on the logs that surround the sandbox and the other areas of the garden.

The garden is large so as to promote free play by the children. It has been designed with a sloped area to help develop skills such as inhibitory braking and body control. It includes areas where the children can crawl, jump, slide, and climb, among other activities.

We have created an ecological garden at the school to promote the concept of sustainability. Here, children will learn gardening skills, basic botanical knowledge, and will be made aware of where food comes from. We believe that every experience the child encounters at Imagine will shape their decisions in later life.

The development of psychomotor skills is essential in children between the ages of 0 and 6. It is important for them to work on skills which allow them to develop body control. Children require ample space to have the freedom to learn how to run, balance, throw and catch a ball etc. These skills enable them in later life to perform practical mathematical activities, reading, writing, sports, dancing, acting..and in other activities that they will encounter during their lives.

Music is always around us, it is part of our language and a form of expression. Children develop musical appreciation by playing different percussion instruments at an early age. They will also learn about renowned composers throughout history, as well as different musical genres. At Imagine Valencia we have plenty of space for the children to learn about music; to dance, sing and enjoy.