Musical Theatre - Imagine Montesori School

Musical Theatre

In this workshop, children will learn the basics of interpretation, they will also experience the process of assembling and interpreting a musical with songs in English. They will learn a combination of dancing, singing and acting.


Theatre helps develop life skills. Students will work as a team tackling all kinds of different situations. This will strengthen their creative, collaborative and critical thinking skills, as well as their communication skills. In addition, it will help develop the self-esteem within the inner artist of each child by harnessing their improvisational skills and stimulating their imagination, empathy and memory.


The workshop will be held by Gretel Stuyck and Rafa Cruz, the founders of La Máquina theatre and dance centre in Valencia.

  • Ages: from 12-16 years old (Secondary)
  • Timetables: Thursday from 13:30h to 14:30h (La Pinada)
  • Needs: none
  • Location: Imagine Montessori School La Pinada
  • Price Internal-External: 39€/month – N/A