Handling childrens emotions

charla alberto soler en imagine montessori school valencia

Handling childrens emotions

Last Thursday we had the pleasure of having Alberto Soler;  an established Valencian psychologist that spoke to us about childrens emotions.

How to handle tantrums in young children is a topic that concerns many families but it important to recognise that they form part of a childs natural development in his/her search for independence as well as learning the social and environmental boundaries that exist within society and family home.

Alberto talked us through a childs brain development to understand their behavior and comprehend that a childs lack of maturity is one of the reasons why tantrums manifest themselves.

It is important to connect with the child in these moments and redirect their emotions in a positive manner. In order to do this, we should go down to their level, speak to them calmly and making eye contact whilst at the same time showing them affection and making them feel that you are there for them.

These type of outbursts must always be handled with respect and affection, guiding your child and offering our support and understanding via our presence and also with our approach.

Between the ages of 2 and 5, children do not yet have the tools to express their frustrations towards something they cannot achieve/fulfil nor do they have the capacity to concentrate in our explanations or reasoning which is why it is important to be brief and direct with them and leave long explanations for another time.

He also spoke about the importance of handling them in the correct manner and to never see them as a child-parent sttruggle but instead as a parent-child support relationship.

It was very interesting listening to how we should intervene in order to avoid situations that lead to tantrums and how it could be achieved in a firm yet respecful manner.

A very enriching talk, organised by Imagine Montessori School to raise awareness in which more than one hundred people participated with all proceeds going to Acavall Foundation.

We would like to thank The Nest and the photographer Joaquin Corbalán for their collaboration.alberto soler charla imagine montessori

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