Skills for life - Imagine Montesori School

Why Imagine?

Fundamental skills of our educational project

There are 3 fundamental skills of our educational project from Infant Community to Secondary at Imagine. These will be the tools that will make children capable of tracing their own path in life.

To develop skills through sensory experimentation, as well as the empirically tested design of solutions. At an early stage this is done with sensory materials, music, movement and at an older age, applicable to chemistry, physics, economics, construction, entrepreneurship,… To learn from mistakes and failures with a positive and resilient attitude.

To be able to prioritize content among the large volumes of information to which they are exposed to every day, distinguishing relevant content, as well as linking knowledge from different areas for the creative completion of daily or specific challenges.

To be people of integrity, with social and environmental consciousness. People capable of finding a purpose in life and self-awareness as human beings, inspiring others along the way.

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