Tiffany - Imagine Montesori School


I am originally from Sydney, Australia but have lived in the UK, Brussels and various parts of Australia.

I have a diverse professional background, from creating unique make-up looks for international fashion shows to being a chef.

My mother used Montessori methods in my early education years and I am now using these methods with my Spanish-born son.

I have spent the last few years working as a qualified ESL teacher at a school near Alicante. There I found my passion for children’s education, and in 2022 I moved to Valencia and studied for my Montessori Primary Guide certification while learning as an assistant with my colleague Paula G. at Imagine. It is a pleasure to dedicate my passion for education in a Montessori environment so focused on the rhythms of each individuality.

When I am not experimenting with a new ingredient, flipping through the pages of a favourite book, you will find me in any kind of water; a river, beach, lake or pool, my only tell-tale sign of being an Australian.