Paula S. - Imagine Montesori School

Paula S.

I became a teacher of English for primary and secondary education in Argentina, while working as a teacher and teaching assistant at bilingual schools. The idea of travelling around the world has always interested me. Therefore, I moved overseas to start my career as an international teacher by finishing my course of studies. In 2015 I worked as an ESL teacher in Portugal and later continued my language studies in the UK. After some time I moved to Qatar where I had a position as a class teacher at an Islamic school and further developed my competence in the British curriculum. I

n 2019 I became a content editor for North American educational textbooks and continued my teaching studies to obtain a new degree in English Language Education. During all this time I have been lucky to meet and work with children and families from many different countries and learn about their culture, values and beliefs. I am happy to be part of Imagine Montessori as I believe that learner-centered education is the true path for acquiring knowledge and abilities by making learning an enjoyable experience.