Gabriela - Imagine Montesori School


Education has always been a great interest of mine, and for that reason, I first studied a degree in Pedagogy and continued to broaden my knowledge with a second degree in Primary School Teacher with a major in English.

During my studies, I got to know alternative pedagogies, among which Montessori aroused my interest. Fortunately, I landed an internship at Imagine, where I was taught their methodology and was inspired by their way of teaching. Within Montessori, children follow a unique educational environment, accomplishing the learning milestones in a very organic way, being a constant learning experience for each one of us. I am excited to be part of this team and to be able to continue developing myself both personally and professionally, as well as being surrounded by colleagues who are passionate about education and learning. In my free time, I love walking my dog, going out for sports, or spending time with friends, although I always enjoy a good read.