Pequechef - Imagine Montesori School


The cooking activity is aimed at learning about healthy cooking, the importance of healthy eating and discovering foods and ways of cooking them. The kitchen is an environment rich in sensory input such as contact with different materials and utensils, as well as the handling and processing of food.


  • Development of creativity 
  • Reinforcement of practical life concepts. 
  • Exploration and learning of different textures, flavours and colours of food.
  • Logical thinking and self-organisation.
  • Improve fine motor skills and stimulate the five senses.

  • Age groups: 5-6 years old
  • Timetables: Wednesday, from 13:20-14:20 (Valencia) and from 17-18h (La Pinada)
  • Needs: none
  • Location: Imagine Montessori School Valencia and la Pinada.
  • Price Internal: 40€/month