María T. - Imagine Montesori School

María T.

I have always known that my true vocation is to accompany children in the important adventure of discovering the world. I am an infant and primary school teacher, and it was at university that I learned about the Montessori method.  Being part of Imagine and of this community allows me to have other experiences, which with enthusiasm, enrich new learning to continue helping them to grow.

Travelling connects with what I have always been interested in, getting to know other places and other cultures. I would take my bicycle and go around the world because travelling promotes interculturalism, mixing and getting lost in the streets to learn about other customs and traditions provokes a change in the mind, without it the journey is of little use.

My place is Valencia, my mother tongue is Valencian. I like to dedicate all my time to enjoy my son, go for walks in the mountains and do handicrafts or artistic activities that can encourage his creativity and imagination.