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El colegio Imagine Montessori School logrará un 70% de ahorro de energía y reducción de la huella de carbono. – Energética 21

Energética 21 – 17 de Abri l 2019

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Fallas at Imagine

On the 14th March we finished classes to celebrate Fallas in a very exceptional way. Together with their teachers, our students aged between 2 and 5 prepared a wonderful performance that emulated an authentic mascletà with its different phases and its closing quake.

Recycled materials were used and manipulated in class to construct the childrens monument; a Falla dedicated to the city of London, as well as the musical components for the mascletà.

haciendo la fallaIt was a huge effort that was worthwhile since the children really enjoyed being the protagonists.

falla 2017 imagine montessori school

A morning at Imagine

In previous posts, we spoke about the areas that a Montessori classroom has, of the importance of the ” uninterrupted work cycle”, how we encourage childrens independence and how activities are prepared ad-hoc to reach specific objectives within the curriculum, with a focus on exploration and the sensorial.
In this short video we can enjoy the harmonious magic of a morning at Imagine, during the work cycle.