Why choose Montessori

The Montessori Pedagogical Method


  • Integrates academic, emotional and social aspects.
  • It gives precedence to the development of each child’s potential, impacting upon the quality of life of the educational community.
  • It covers and expands on all of the requirements of the official curricula, both the British Council’s one and that of the Consellería d’Educació Valenciana.
  • It opens up opportunities for participation and involvement on the part of the children based on their interests, which is why we explicitly foster the self-management of projects.
  • It enhances personal growth through direct contact with nature.
  • It adapts to the individual educational needs of each and every child.
  • It respects each stage of the child’s development and pace of learning.
Why Imagine Montessori School
OOur curriculum aims to help children develop at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. To achieve this objective, we offer a carefully designed and prepared environment in order to foster the children’s development We know that both younger and older children learn better if they use all their senses in this process, and if their physiological needs are satisfied. Therefore, the environment (physical and psychological) and the materials are specially chosen to satisfy the innate need to experiment with the senses, discovering and taking things from the world through mindful and responsible work. In order to be able to do this, amongst other things, they must learn to identify their priorities and self manage their ideas and time. Our aim is that our students learn to interlink the different themes covered in the school curriculum, finding out about them and applying them in everyday life.
To achieve this we focus on the development of the child’s autonomy, on resolving conflict, on cooperation and self-discipline (by the term ´discipline´ we mean a person’s ability to regulate and control their own behaviour from within). Accompanying them in the development of their resolve, self-management, freedom and participation which translates into the importance of their life processes: they learn based on comprehension and analytical and critical deduction rather than by simply memorizing information. We prepare them to be able to deploy their learning abilities and apply them throughout their lives within the different social and cultural contexts they may encounter.


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The areas in the Montessori classroom

Sensorial Development Area (training the senses)
Practical Life Area
Language Area
Mathematics Area
Cultural Studies Area


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