Infant Community – Toddler Class

Children grasp the basics of their future development during the first three years of their lives. At this stage, Montessori Education focuses on the physical development, oral expression, independence, self esteem, autonomy and respect for self and others.
In class, the children can explore their environment freely allowing themselves to develop their independence, self esteem and their free will flourishing as individuals in an environment adapted to their developmental stage and with the aid of experienced adults in guiding their daily activities and progress.



  • PRACTICAL LIFE: folding napkins, pouring water, cleaning a table, picking up dry leafs, how to sweep ….
  • EXERCISES OF GRACE AND COURTESY: carrying objects without dropping them, moving around the classroom carefully, listening when someone else is speaking, how to apologise, how to ask for help, ultimately learning how to identify with with their peers and other members of society.
  • ART & BODILY EXPRESSIONS: musical exploration, movement, experimenting with different plastic and artistic materials.
  • LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT: oral and bodily, story telling and songs.
  • PSYCO-SENSORY-MOTOR: body coordination, hand control and eye-hand co-ordination.

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