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The Forbidden Education

Forbidden education is a documentary that addresses modern education, as well as the way in which we understand it, visualizing different educational experiences, non-conventional, that pose a need for a new educational model.

“Schooling has reached 200 years of existence and it is still considered to be the main portal to an education. Nowadays, schooling and education are widely discussed among academic forums, politically, in institutions, the media and in society. Since it began, the teaching institution has been characterized by structures and practices that in the present-day are considered primarily outdated and archaic. Let´s say that they do not support the needs of the 21st century. Its main flaw is in the way in which it does not consider the natural development of learning, the freedom of choice or the importance of love and human bonds in individual and collective development.

Over the years, these critical observations have made way for recommendations and practices looking at education in a different way. Forbidden Education is a documentary that proposes recovering some of these, exploring their ideas and visualizing those experiences that have defied the educational methods of a traditional model.

More than 90 interviewed teachers (among which is our Imagine Montessori School consultant, Betzabe Lillo), academics, professionals, authors, mothers and fathers; a tour of 8 Latin American countries experiencing 45 non-conventional educational methods; more than half a million followers in social networks and a total of 704 co-producers that participated in its collective financing, have all turned Forbidden Education into a unique phenomenon.

An altogether independent project of an unprecedented magnitude, that reveals the inherent need for expansion and innovation in the education system.

If you are not one of the 12 million people that have seen the documentary “ Forbidden Education” we invite you to take some time out to see it..