Scholarship programme

Our school is highly committed and closely linked to society, and as such we are aware of the different situations of each and every family. These are values that our educational community experiences on a day to day basis. Therefore, we aim to make our centre accessible to families who due to their economic circumstances would not be able to study and share the values and philosophy of the Imagine Montessori School.

Based on this, our objective is to create a scholarship programme. The scholarships will be awarded taking into account various criteria which the Imagine Montessori School team deem relevant, such as the families’ commitment to the philosophy of the Centre, their particular economic necessities, etc.

This programme is for those families who most need help, ensuring that the resources provided will be given to these families while respecting their privacy.

The evaluation and award process for the school grants, will be awarded once we have concluded the enrolment process for the academic year in question. In this way, any available places left at that point, will be offered as scholarships. Please note that if you have already enrolled, you will not be eligible for a grant.

If you would like to receive information concerning this programme, please fill in the form below.

If you are a company, individual or foundation and would like more information on ways to contribute to our scholarship program to make our education affordable to more families…

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