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Imagine Montessori School receives € 1,2 million funding to expand

Valencia, May 9th 2016

Imagine Montessori School, a new and innovative school based in Valencia, Spain has closed a €1,2 million round that will be used to expand facilities. The school opens its first location in the neighborhood of Alfahuir within the city this coming September for kids aged 3-6 and will progressively offer the whole cycle up to 18 years old in the new facilities that will be located in the metropolitan area of Valencia.

The school has hosted open doors during recent weeks and over 400 families have attended. ¨The class starting 2016/2017 is virtually full¨ states Mariano Pontón, co-founder and head of the school ¨this investment together with our banking partners will help us provide a solution up to 18 years old. We are currently in discussions to close a location within Valencia.¨

¨This new capital would fall under the impact investment category, where investors look first for social impact in addition to financial sustainability of the project and a fair financial return on the capital¨ points out Iker Marcaide, co-founder. ¨It is like looking at two P&Ls at the same time, the social impact and the financial return. Capital is here a means to an end. At Imagine we aim to transform society by transforming education.¨

¨After looking at the existing schools for our kids, we found a very similar way of teaching and learning to how we lived it ourselves years ago. This does not make sense, with all the world has evolved since then¨ mentions Iker Marcaide ¨Today we need kids that are confident, independent, resourceful, proactive and of course have the tools and knowledge to face this fast changing world¨. ¨It is also important that they don´t live in a bubble and are aware of the different social realities – and the commitment each of us has to develop our talents for the benefit of society. We as society just can´t afford to waste the talents of our kids¨. ¨At Imagine, students take a very active role in their education, where their individual motivations and interests guide their educational process. There is a great deal of experimentation and exploration¨ comments Irene Cañero, co- founder. ¨This personalized education increases the commitment, satisfaction and pleasure to learn of every student. Harnessing that curiosity each kids is born with, we achieve very positive results that broadly surpass the standard curriculum objectives.¨ Imagine Montessori School has been co-founded by three families with kids, and aims to nurture the curiosity, hunger to learn and potential every kid is born with to help them become creative, independent, resourceful and ready for a fast changing world, while committed to nature and society.

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