Imagine Montessori School welcomes its first students today

Imagine Montessori School welcomes its first students today


Valencia, 5th September 2016

In full debate regarding the educational model, the Montessori metodology is gaining momentum in Valencia. This new british school is the only one with this methodology that will offer a comprehensive education to 3 -18 year olds.

The city of Valencia now has a new school operating as of today. The institution Imagine Montessori School, near Alfahuir, in the North area of the city, today welcomes its first group of families that have opted for this methodology and this morning was the start of the two new classes for 3-6 year olds.

Imagine Montessori School is the only institution in Valencia, with this method, that will offer a comprehensive academic cycle to those aged between 3-18 years of age.

During July, August and prior to classes beginning, the school organised activities to boost a close and familiar environment. For example, families were involved in getting together to plant some trees in the school patio area. Over the next two weeks there will be a period of adaptation in which both parents and children will spend time together in classes.

Mariano Pontón, director and cofounder of Imagine Montessori School, highlights that “ Valencia is looking for this type of education which is gaining momentum and strength in the debate for a better educational model, as it offers an education focused on children and it integrates the families in this process”. This project was founded by three families looking for an educational model that encouraged certain aspects like, curiosity, autonomy, entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and the desire and pleasure for learning, hand in hand with a social and an environmental commitment.

Imagine Montessori School opens with the accreditation from the British Council and uses English as the main language in all its learning stages. With regards to the profile of the students and families, they come from different areas of Valencia and metropolitan region, as well as a high percentage of international families that see this institution as a means of continuing an established methodology well recognised throughout the world.

“ Nowadays we think it is fundamental to rethink education. We believe it is important to enrich children with the tools and knowledge that will prepare them to face this ever-changing world, where they will have to be creative and find their own way in life”, concludes Mariano Pontón.

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