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A message to the families

[dt_sc_dropcap type=”Circle” variation=”avocado”]D[/dt_sc_dropcap]eciding which school will accompany you on your educational path and where your children will live are not matters which should be taken lightly. They are decisions which need careful consideration, from an informed perspective. We would like to accompany you on your journey as a mother, father, grandfather or grandmother. In order to do this, we have chosen some concepts which form the essence of Montessori Pedagogy, whose contributions can help in the process of finding an educational community in which you can feel that your child can continue developing in a new environment which holds similar values to those of your family. In order to be able to entrust our children to a professional team of educators we need to know and understand the values and ideals that they advocate.

Montessori education has been present all over the world for over a hundred years. Generations of children, by the time they reached their youth, have managed to find meaning in their lives. They have discovered that, through autonomy, freedom in decision-making, the flow of thought, love and respect for everything and everyone, there comes a time in their life when they are able choose the paths that they want to follow, be this travelling, learning a trade, joining a work project, setting up a business project or going to university.

During infancy (from 0 to 6 years old), Maria Montessori points out that we must collaborate so that the child achieves Physical Independence (as far as language and movement are concerned). This is an essential stage when the sensitive periods are latent, and children are making great strides with regard to their bodies and their physical, social and emotional environments. This is the Absorbent Mind period. In childhood, the ages from 6 to 12 years old are a wonderful time when the first seeds of ethics and morals begin to germinate. We must accompany the children so that they achieve the Intellectual Independence which will allow them to know and understand the world, maybe even change it at different levels.
During adolescence, from 12 to 18, the greatest achievement is Economic Independence and the Montessori Secondary level curricular guidelines are organized to achieve this on the one hand, and on the other to provide thorough preparation in various fields of knowledge connected to a feeling of admiration for all those who throughout humanity have been identified with diverse causes and have left their mark due to the social impact they have had. And, finally, Maria Montessori tells us that the period from 18 to 24 is the time when we are able to see the road we have travelled and find our mission in life ’for many years I have been taking in these experiences, and sharing adventures…now…, what can I do to contribute to improving the community, society and humanity in some way?’

To achieve all this, IMAGINE MONTESSORI SCHOOL provides continuity through Montessori Primary (course 2017-18), Secondary and High Schools, beginning with deliberately unhurried growth and focusing on the needs of the educational community.