Tzatzi - Imagine Montesori School


I was born and raised in Mexico, but it was for my professional training that I decided to move to Spain, falling in love with Valencia, its culture, its landscapes, its beauty and its human quality. And, although I began my professional education in the business field, it was not until I learned about the Montessori method that I knew that this was and is my vocation. To be able to contribute something positive to society and what better way to do it than by the hand of our future men and women. For 5 years I worked as a Montessori Assistant in a Children’s Community Classroom, a job that I carried out with joy and pride, always advocating for a respectful education.

Passionate about reading, languages, travelling and learning about new cultures, I try to keep myself active by studying and being interested in different subjects, from those related to early childhood education, to other more personal ones: music, cooking, handicrafts, dance, among others; always seeking to incorporate this knowledge in the classroom.

I am happy and excited to be part of this great Imagine family, to continue growing personally and professionally, surrounded by the best company, professional people and children full of joy and eager to learn and improve every day.