Nikolaj - Imagine Montesori School


Born and raised in Denmark, my journey as a teacher has been shaped by a profound desire to explore the world and embark on adventures. Following my studies, I ventured abroad, immersing myself in diverse cultures, perspectives, and teaching methodologies. With teaching experience spanning Danish, Swedish, and British educational philosophies, my global odyssey has enriched my understanding of education.
Beyond the classroom, my active spirit finds expression in my love for sports and nature. From serving as a ski instructor and guide across the globe, I’ve cultivated a passion for outdoor experiences that complement my teaching philosophy.
As an educator, my focus revolves around creating inclusive environments tailored to diverse learning styles. I embrace interactive teaching strategies, dedicated to fostering active learning and igniting a genuine passion for education. The prospect of contributing my skills to Imagine Montessori School fills me with excitement, as I look forward to merging my experience with the Montessori ethos.