Lucy - Imagine Montesori School


I was born in Co. Wicklow, Ireland, and from a very young age, I was captivated by art. I developed my skills through workshops and creative courses, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Art History from UCD University in Dublin.

I came to Spain in 1991 and immersed myself in its culture. As an artist, my exploration of different mediums has allowed me to work in theatre as a set designer, create logos for clothing brands, and exhibit my paintings as often as possible.

However, my true passion lies in educating and inspiring young people and adults to have the confidence to express their individuality creatively. This led me to graduate as an Art and Theatre teacher in Oxford in 1997. Throughout my career, I have worked with children of all ages, from early childhood to primary and secondary.

For 10 years, I was the head of the art department at an international school in Valencia. Recently, I have developed various art courses for adults. I am delighted to have the opportunity to contribute to the Art & Design department in such a special place as Imagine Montessori. I look forward to continuing to grow and learn from my colleagues and students.