Laura B. - Imagine Montesori School

Laura B.

Passionate about childhood, I graduated as an Early Childhood and Primary teacher, expanding my training with a master’s degree in Emotional Education. After having different educational experiences, I had a feeling that I had not yet found my place. In alternative pedagogies, and specially in the Montessori methodology, I found the missing piece to my puzzle. It was then when I became a Children’s House Guide, Positive Discipline educator and after this I have extended my studies to be a certified Primary Montessori Guide.

I firmly believe in every human’s development potential, in children’s desire to learn and how they can show us their beautiful observations if we listen to them. I prefer an education system that values the important role that emotion plays in the development of a child. In my spare time I like travelling, photography, arts and crafts, children’s literature, skating, hiking, etc.