Belén - Imagine Montesori School


Since I was a child I have always had an energetic and extroverted personality, always playing a multitude of sports such as basketball, football or rhythmic gymnastics. That’s why I always knew that whatever I was going to dedicate my life to, it had to be something that would transform that energy into a tool for me. And so, I chose the world of teaching. It was then that I started a higher education degree, a stage in which I discovered the feeling of “vocation” and which led me to continue with a degree in Early Childhood Education. During this process I was lucky enough to meet excellent teachers, who guided me and taught me a wide range of possibilities of what and how to teach, thus discovering the Montessori method. Thanks to imagine I have been able to carry it out and enjoy it with a great team.

In my free time my hobbies are sports, reading and travelling, the latter I like to share with my family, friends and pet and if possible in a place near the sea.