Tennis - Imagine Montesori School


Tennis is a very complete sport that can be played at any age. Sport in general has many physical, mental and social benefits.


Tennis increases strength, coordination, flexibility, balance, and psychologically helps to develop cooperation and sportsmanship. We teach tennis in a fun and educational way, while also preparing the students for more advanced courses if they wish to progress.

  • Age group: 12-16 years old (Secondary)
  • Timetable: Thursday from 17-18h (Polideportivo Valterna Nord)
  • Needs: sportwear, tennis racket
  • Lugar de realización: Polideportivo Valterna Nord
  • Price Internal – External:
    • 1 day a week: 38€/month – 45€/month
    • 2 days a week: 75€/month – 89€/month