Montessori Football - Imagine Montesori School

Montessori Football

Imagine’s soccer school promotes physical preparation, as well as the development of technical and tactical skills in the game. This sport is based on teamwork and fair play, strengthening basic values for the game and for life in society.

“We can say that in all its exercises the child plays. But these games make him acquire skills, powers necessary for his formation, his development. When we play sports or other games that we repeat with passion, the same thing happens: tennis, soccer and the like, do not exactly have as their real purpose to move a ball, but they challenge us to acquire a new skill, something that was missing before, and this feeling of improving our skills is the real source of pleasure in the game.” Maria Montessori, in The Absorbent Mind.


Promotes physical development, strengthening of teamwork and empathy values, as well as perseverance and effort to achieve results.


  • Ages: from 6-12 (Primary) and from 12-16 (Secondary)
  • Timetable: Monday from 16:30-17:30, from 6-12, (Ciudad Deportiva de Valencia) and Wednesday, from 12-16, (Ciudad Deportiva de Valencia)
  • Needs: comfortable sportwear
  • Location: Ciudad Deportiva de Paterna
  • Price Internal-External: 38€/month – 45€/month