Judo - Imagine Montesori School


Judo is a martial art that helps to strengthen the body and mind, to acquire new behavioural habits and to learn to defend oneself. It is a discipline that balances mind and body, with the main objective of obtaining greater efficiency with less effort.


  • Development of motor skills as well as strength, coordination, speed, flexibility and balance.
  • Development of self-control and self-management.
  • Enhancing tactical thinking. Quick and decisive decision making.
  • Transmits values such as respect, tolerance, self-esteem, companionship and teamwork.

  • Age groups: 3-6 years old
  • Timetables: Tuesday from 13:30-14:30 (Children House, la Pinada) and Monday from 13:20-14:20 (Children House, Valencia)
  • Needs: comfortable sportswear
  • Location: Polideportivo Valterna Nord/Imagine Montessori School Valencia
  • Price Internal: 42€/month