Capoeira - Imagine Montesori School


Capoeira seeks to promote and facilitate the acquisition by each student of the knowledge, skills and abilities that, in relation to the body and its motor activity, will enable him or her to improve his or her quality of life and health. The teaching of Capoeira is a means of personal enrichment and enjoyment, as well as a way of relating to others.


  • improves physical abilities such as strength, endurance, power, muscle elasticity…
  • develops other qualities such as balance, coordination and other skills.
  • exercises basic skills (movement, jumps, turns, etc.), progressively increasing the control and mastery of one’s own body.
  • facilitates in its teaching activities the learning of certain more specific skills.
  • improves one’s capacity for expression, creativity and communication, exploring and using space (trajectories, directions, movements) and rhythm as expressive elements.


Gessica Rossi, from the Capoeira Regional Remanescentes school, has been practising capoeira for over 20 years and trained with ContraMestre Nariga (Escola de Capoeira Regional Remanescentes). She has been teaching children and adults for over 11 years, in schools such as Botanic Espai Dansa.

  • Ages: 4-6 years old and  6-12 years old
  • Timetable: Tuesday 17:00h to 18:00h
  • Needs: comfortable sportwear
  • Location: Imagine Montessori School – La Pinada
  • Price Internal-External: 45€/month – 54€/month