Children’s House (from 3 to 6 years old)

During this period, Maria Montessori points out that we must collaborate in order that the child achieves Physical Independence (as far as language and movement are concerned). This is an essential stage when the sensitive periods are latent, and the children are making great strides with regard to their bodies and their physical, social and emotional environments. This is the Absorbent Mind period.

A day at the Children’s House

Arrival (8:40 –9:00)
At our school you can accompany your child to the Prepared Environment on a daily basis. We foster a relaxed arrival procedure. To this purpose, the teaching staff will be waiting for you from 08:40 am.
Uninterrupted work time (9:00 – 12:00)
Each and every child is greeted by the teachers and the ¨free choice of work¨ period begins. The Montessori guides, based on Scientific Observation, present the children with different developmentally appropriate materials in the Montessori environment. These materials correspond to different area of the Montessori curriculum, and they also correspond to both the English and Spanish curricula. This is an intensive three-hour work period with no breaks: each child follows his/ her own way of working accompanied by the teachers.
Lunch and free play (12:00 – 14:00)
The children arrange the area, eat and have time to rest and free play. Just like at home, everything is tidied up and the table is set in order that together, just like a family, everyone gathers for that moment when we do not just share food, but we also interchange other types of experiences. In this educational space, the children are accompanied by their teachers. Along with many researchers in the area of Neuroscience applied to education, such as psychologists, anthropologists, paediatricians and philosophers, we believe it is important to have a place for free time and play in all spheres of life. During this period if any child needs to rest, then they can.
Workshops (14:00 – 16:40)
Working in small-group workshops allows the children to delve deeper into different subject matter, such as working on both English and Spanish at the phonological level, music, art, movement, experimenting with science and technology, and being contact with nature. The different proposals presented by the ¨co-teacher specialists¨ are also designed taking into account each child’s stage of life.
Home time (16:40 – 17:00)
The day ends and the students leave in a relaxed manner. From 16:40 to 17:00 the children meet up with their families again.

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