Imagine Montessori School La Pinada


The school will be located on the west side of Valterna, and will have direct access which allows people to arrive to the school in a few minutes from the centre of Valencia.
The school will occupy an area of 30,000 m2 and will be integrated into a natural environment including 25 hectares with pine forests, gullies and natural, uneven land that borders a place named La Mola, as well as 330 additional hectares of protected nature and vegetation.

The Growth of the School:

The growth of the school will be developed in different stages. During the first stage, which will take place in September 2019, the school will open its doors for preschool and primary, and during the second one planned for 2021, the secondary school will open. The Imagine Montessori School, located in La Pinada, will have a capacity for students from 2 to 18 years of age.

La Pinada: A New District Around Imagine

Around Imagine Montessori School arises La Pinada, the first Spanish eco-neighbourhood that is going to be co-designed by its future residents and conceived based on the values and principles of a school. Imagine will be the heart of the district, and the neighbourhood will be an extension of the educational process, the values of social sensitivity, and for the environment, sustainability, innovation and the community. The neighbourhood will create an area that will encourage curiosity, autonomy, independence and the children’s joy of learning, and it is also expected to create a stimulating environment for children and adults to learn through the promotion of continuous improvement and experimentation, to try and incorporate ideas, concepts, technologies or innovations, especially for emerging businesses and for the school’s students.

The neighbourhood will be an area where children, parents and the elderly will be able to live together and to integrate work and leisure more easily to benefit the work-life balance. La Pinada will have flexible and inspirational co-working spaces. The housing, which is co-designed by its residents, will have large areas, gardens or terraces, places free from motorised vehicles where people will be able to take a walk with the convenience of having local stores and services with a dynamic environment full of activities for adults and children.

Thanks to the proximity between home, work, school and the convenience of the local services, La Pinada is designed to reduce the need to make journeys, and to enhance an exciting, dynamic, healthy, secure and socially cohesive atmosphere that will join the best of a neighbourhood with the integration of nature.

The start of the construction work for La Pinada is planned for 2019, and the first stage, along with the opening of secondary school at the Imagine Montessori will be completed in 2021. The future residents are currently joining the process of co-creation.

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